What we do: Our goal is to provide under-resourced nonprofits with very affordable services that can help your organization
evaluate, design, diversify and expand your base of financial support. You will know in advance what the cost will be and
what services will be provided to you. The service packages include specific tasks, deliverable products, and specific time
frames with set fees.

Non-profits need to continually consider the following 3 aspects as they move toward reaching their goals.

•  Increasing positive community awareness

•  Increase network of support

•  Diversify streams of revenue

Who we are: Elaine Gallacher and staff have skill sets that complement one another. Collectively, we have experience
across a broad spectrum and work together with you to increase your organization's revenue and to fulfill your mission.

We can give you the help you need. This includes services such as: resource and funding source research, corporate
and foundation grant proposal writing, government grant writing, fundraising development strategies, identification and
expansion of network resources and specialize in online auctions. To learn more about the services that are available
please contact us.

Resources: etc.consulting owns the rights to use a database that lists all corporations and foundations across
North America We design individualized client databases to match services provided with grant criteria.

Diversified Streams of Revenue: In the current economy it has become even more important to diversify sources of
funding to include grants, annual fundraising events, social enterprises (non-profit business), direct mailing campaigns.

Auction for a Cause - Online Auction: This is a specialized product developed by etc. Consulting for the purpose
of putting the fun back into fundraising. Presentation is available upon request.

etc. Consulting products:

•  Direct Mail Out Campaigns

•  Research Funding Sources

•  Development of Innovative Fundraising Plans

•  Corporate, Foundation and Government Grant writing

•  Online Auction for a Cause Fundraising Initiative

•  Grassroots Community Development